(Healthy) Vegan Ranch Dressing
This vegan ranch has a classic ranch dressing flavor, but doesn’t include the dairy, fat, or preservatives of a traditional, heavy ranch dressing. Perfect with veggies, greens, or anything you choose.
Recipe Notes

* I would reccomend using a vegan yogurt with a NEUTRAL main ingredient- like cashews (what I used), soy, or almond. I would not recommend coconut milk yogurt in this recipe, as the final product will have a coconutty flavor. Make sure your yogurt is also unsweetened.

** The initial 1/4 cup of plant milk will lend to a thicker dressing. Add in plant milk by the tablespoon until desired consistency has been reached. (For reference, I added 1 extra tbsp for the photos in this post)

***Optional, for extra spice.



Nutrition facts are an estimate using soy yogurt and almond milk, with adding an additional 1 tbsp of almond milk to thin it out.

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